The Immortalitea Company Announces New Inventory Of Integra Health Tea Blend

February 14, 2017
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The Immortalitea Company in Grandville, Michigan has announced that their award winning weight loss tea is finally back in stock after months of being sold out. The company's founder has cited problems in keeping up with the unexpected popularity and growing the high quality fresh herbs fast enough to keep up with customer demand as the primary reason for the lack of stock over the past few months.

"We honestly were a bit surprised at how quickly the tea was flying off the shelves," says Margo Chupeido, a spokesperson for the company. "We want to take a moment now to let our loyal customers know that we now have a new inventory of the tea available, and we're ready to ship it out as quickly as you can order it."

The company states that their Integra Health Tonic Blend offers a number of benefits, not the least of which is aiding in weight loss. That was why it became so popular so quickly and ultimately, why it sold out as quickly as it did. Chupeido says that centuries ago, ancient Chinese healers used the same blend of teas and herbs to create tonics to help heal bodies and fight signs of aging.

"This same Chinese tradition of herbs and teas is what makes our Integra Tea so great," says Chupeido. "It's a special blend that will counter the signs of aging because it focuses on the root causes as opposed to simply trying to cover up the symptoms. You're essentially fighting the indications of aging from the inside out."

Chupeido says that many customers have raved about how well the tea helps with weight loss as well, and says that with just a few cups each day, consumers can slow down the appearance of signs of aging significantly and help get themselves back into a healthier weight and body shape.

The Immortalitea Company offers a wide range of healthy tea blends, all of which are designed to promote overall health and wellness. Those interested in learning more about their Integra blend or any of the other herbal teas they offer can do so on their official website.

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About The Immortalitea Company:

The Immortalitea Company offers health-conscious organic and pesticide-free teas including jiaogulan, mulberry leaf, and gourmet organic teas.

Contact The Immortalitea Company:

Margo Chupeido
2885 Sanford Ave. SW
Grandville, MI, 49418

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