Zulu Quality Releases Its Advanced New Smooth Edge Can Opener

January 24, 2017
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Today Alison Marpowitz, head of customer relations for Zulu Quality, announced the release of their new, smooth edge manual can opener. Zulu Quality is a boutique kitchen supply company specializing in items for the kitchen that are both stylish and functional. Their new opener is a unique, single handle design with no second swing handle. It employs an advanced action mechanism that removes the lid from cans rather than cutting. The result is a smooth edge to both the lid and the can.

"This is the future," says Ms. Marpowitz. "Everything evolves. Used to be can openers were just a blade you jammed in the lid, then pumped up and down again and again until you cut the lid off. Some of us may remember those. Then came the ones we're all used to, the 'standard' two-handle opener that clamps the can with a cutting wheel and does, mostly, the same thing: it cuts the lid off. Seems dated, sure, only ... how can you improve on that? Enter the Zulu Quality Smooth Edge Can Opener."

Designed to advance the standard can opener, the Zulu Quality Smooth Edge Manual Can Opener grips the can with its turning and cutting wheel, eliminating the need for a second handle, and eliminating the need to clamp and hold the opener tightly closed. The gear wheel marks the can lid as it progresses around the can, indicating when the lid is ready to be removed. The lid and interior of the can are left with a smooth edge. If desired the lid can be placed back on the can.

"The opener doesn't touch the contents of the can, and the lid doesn't fall in," says Ms. Marpowitz. "It's so much cleaner then the can openers we're used to. You can use this on any size can, and pop-tops too. In fact, a lot of our customers tell us they prefer to use this opener rather than the pop-tops. With the opener the lid is not deformed, and the edges are smooth. It's great for pet food cans, when you only want to use a little and then put the lid back on to save the rest."

The Zulu Quality Opener opens the can rather than cutting the lid off like traditional openers. The result is a safe edge to the surfaces of the opened can.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Zulu Quality is a kitchen supply company dedicated to kitchen items with both style and function.

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