Democracy Legacy Launching Nation’s First Political Action Media Network

January 10, 2017
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Democracy Legacy, a national political organization, is launching the first media network funded and supported by a political action committee. The group unveiled their first video spot on Tuesday, January 10th, and will launch a full media channel with multiple programs in February 2017.

Democracy Legacy is a Federal Independent Expenditure-Only Political Committee, or “Super PAC”, that was founded in response to America’s negative perception of media coverage and low voter turnout during the recent Presidential election. Since November, Democracy Legacy has already garnered support from various groups and individuals throughout the country that are looking for more creative alternatives to how campaigning has been done in the past. The organization promotes progressive issues, legislation and candidates.

The Democracy Legacy Network will produce news segments, political comedy, reality/docuseries and scripted series and broadcast on multiple platforms online, on-demand and on network channels. Shows will vary in length to reach a variety of targeted audiences, including easily-consumed shorter pieces tailored to mobile-only viewers and full-length episodes designed to appeal to traditional media viewers.

Shawna Vercher, President of Democracy Legacy and a leading national media strategist and political “fixer”, created the media model in response to trends she recognized in political coverage. Vercher believes that many journalists are hamstrung by how their news organizations are structured and are struggling to maintain their viability and value in a “post-truth” age of media.

“Corporate media is hurting right now and it is not going to get better any time soon,” says Vercher. “Because these news organizations depend on subscribers and advertisers to survive, it is extremely difficult to not cover a story that people are clamoring to read...even if it’s not in our democracy’s best interest long-term.”

Vercher maintains that blaming media outlets for an abundance of coverage of Donald Trump or the Clinton email scandal is not going to fix the problem. “Readers wanted those stories. Advertisers were comfortable sponsoring those stories. The formula was working from a financial perspective. If Americans want things to change, we have to change how we consume media.”

The Democracy Legacy Network will not be dependent upon advertising revenue and, while companies and corporations can contribute as donors, the fact that the network is governed by a political action committee will place the focus on overall impact instead of short-term metrics such as clicks and likes. The unique structure of the network enables the programming to literally request their viewers take a specific action - such as voting for or against - various issues, legislation and candidates.

While Democracy Legacy will be nonpartisan, Vercher says that there will be a distinctive voice to their coverage and programming. “I believe that most Americans are ‘progressive’. They may hold different values and perspectives, but we all want our country to grow and move forward. We’ve had enough of this ‘all politicians are the same and nothing will ever change’ noise. The Democracy Legacy Network will work to connect with our viewers and respect them enough to make our shows worth their time. It’s time for media to start earning the trust of our country again and for people to know the power their voices have.”

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