AquaOx Responds To The Rising Need For Home Water Filtration Solutions

March 15, 2017
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From Flint, MI to Los Angeles, CA there have been major issues with water contaminants from lead to hydrogen sulfide. AquaOx, a business in Columbia, SC, has responded to this rising need by creating powerful 7 stage filtration systems to address these issues. AquaOx has just announced an RE Edition filter to address hydrogen sulfide issues (the rotten egg smell) and a FE Edition filter to address iron in your water supply.

Jeff Gilden, a partner at AquaOx, says that the company cares about people's well being. He says, "The fact that people are having to bathe their babies in bottled water is truly horrifying. We feel the need rising and we are ready to meet it head on."

The ban on the consumption of tap water by city residents of certain cities is causing homeowners to pay close attention to the consumption and exposure to their own home's water supply. For those who want to avoid having to rush to the store to buy bottled water, AquaOx is providing a $300 discount, which can be accessed by using the coupon code "filter300" at checkout. People are also encouraged to visit AquaOx Filters on Pinterest to take a look at the water filter and what it can do.

AquaOx is a provider of a whole house water filtration system that delivers filtered water to every tap in the home. The company's motto is live clean, live green. Their device uses a seven step filtration system that ensures water from every tap in the home is completely clean. At each of the seven steps, more sediments, chemicals, and other materials are removed from the water, leaving people with great tasting water from every tap.

"We would love to see one filtration system in every home to make sure each family is protected," says Jeff Gilden.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About AquaOx Filters:

The AquaOx has a 7-stage filtration process that filters out contaminants and toxins including but not limited to chlorine, lead, petroleum-based chemicals, mercury and more. It includes a 10-year warranty and is maintenance free.

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Jeff Gilden
2902 Echo Trail
Anderson, SC 29621
(855) 692-1130

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