Digital Baby Ear Thermometer from Just-Brill is Now Designed to Keep Good Hygiene

November 28, 2016
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According to scientific studies, one way to get the most accurate temperature is inserting the thermometer directly in the ear which would give the internal temperature. However, most ear thermometers need to touch the internal ear to get the temperature but if the thermometer is unclean it is more likely to give the patient infections. The user has to make sure that the device is sterilized before getting the thermometer.

Just-Brill’s new digital baby ear thermometer is designed with infrared which means that it needs no direct contact to the ear to get accurate results. The device uses a noncontact method that uses an infrared laser to measure the internal temperature of the ears. The user just needs to click the soft button a few inches away from the ear to get the temperature of the patient. The baby thermometer doesn’t need a probe cover so it reduces the chance of using a contaminated cover. The device just requires a simple wipe with a clean cloth after each use. To prevent contact with other entities, it is advisable to put it back inside the carrying case.

Since being released on Amazon, the digital baby ear thermometer garnered a lot of positive reviews about promoting good hygiene. “This is a perfect thermometer for my new grandson. What I like most it isn't sticking into butt or anything like that to get a good reading on temperature. It is the perfect size to keep in baby bag along with having the confidence not harming the baby. In addition to getting an accurate temperature, it has that added feature of being sanitary. You know not needing those messy covers each time in use to keep sanitary cause it doesn't go in ear or touch forehead etc. Would recommend for any new mom or grandma,” said Emma, a verified Amazon reviewer.

Another reviewer gave testimony that she is enjoying the noncontact features of the digital thermometer. “I went through three different thermometers for my newborn before purchasing this one. My baby would not hold still long enough for me to hold the temporal thermometer still long enough to get a reading. I also purchased a digital thermometer from Vicks that can be used under the tongue or under the armpit. It worked well under the armpit, but wasn't very accurate. This one is easy to use, accurate and lightning quick. It's a tiny reader on the end so there's no worry about pushing it too far into my baby's ear. I wish I had known to purchase this one first!” said C. McPherson.

Shoppers who are in need of a hygienic digital baby ear thermometer may consider this device made by Just-Brill, which is also called the DigiThermo. It is sold with a full lifetime replacement guarantee.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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