Power Saver 1200 Introduces High Performance Power Saver Device Technology

June 23, 2014
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Okeechobee, FL: Power Saver 1200 is pleased to introduce the new Power Saver 1200, designed to lower your electric bill, increase the life of your appliances and motors and safeguard your home against power surges. Its inherent features and resulting performance make the Power Saver 1200 the Best Power Saver Device for homes and businesses that demand to be run more efficiently.

The Power Saver 1200 recycles lost energy and releases it back to your motor when needed, reducing demand and legally slowing down your meter simply by making the motors in your home more efficient. Available in different models, the Power Saver 1200 can be installed to an electric panel or directly to a motor and provides for single phase 200 amp service that works on 220 & 240 Volt AC applications as well as 110 Volts internationally. This gives homeowners flexibility in choosing the Best Power Saving Device that fits specific performance and requirements without expensive engineering or other fees.

Designed with a highly optimized and tightly integrated technology, The Power Saver 1200 reduces the amount of kilowatts per hour, ultimately lowering your electricity bill and lengthening the life of the motors in your home. “Like your Central A/C or pool pump, the power saver device is installed either to an electric panel or directly to a motor in your home, reducing your demand from the power company and saving you money”, said Glenn Hough.

The Power Saver 1200 offers a UL compliant safety certified design and comes with a 20 Year Warranty on workmanship and product defects. “Underwriters Laboratories inspects our facility randomly several times a year to ensure all our models meet all safety standards”, said Glenn Hough.

The budget friendly Power Saver 1200 devices are an attractive option in any number of homes, businesses and commercial properties that demand a highly optimized energy saving solution. They are also well suited for use in an electric panel or directly to a motor such as a Central A/C Motor, Heat Pump Motor, or Pool Pump Motor.

For more information on The Power Saver 1200 models, consumers can View How It Works and read Power Saver 1200 Reviews at www.powersaver1200.net.

About Power Saver 1200

We are a family based business operating in Okeechobee, FL and pass along the savings to you. Our mission is to provide an affordable Best Power Saver Device to every family worldwide to improve your way of life. We put our money where our mouth is- We Guarantee RESULTS.


1-863-467-0588 or [email protected]

Glenn Hough
10185 NE 22st Street
Okeechobee, FL 34974

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