Lead Activate Announces ‘Form-to-Phone’ Technology for Faster Lead Conversions

June 25, 2014
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San Diego, CA – All companies depend on high quality leads to stay in business. But, since today’s customers are always on the go, many businesses are losing valuable leads because of slow response times from busineses. Studies have shown that taking longer than five minutes to respond to an inquiry reduces the likelihood of connecting with the lead by an order of magnitude. LeadActivate provides cutting-edge technology that enables companies to connect with prospects within seconds. Typically, a customer will go to a company’s website and fill out an online form, asking for information or requesting a produt or service. Once they click on the “Submit” button, the inquiry goes to a sales representative’s email, where it remains dormant until the representative opens it. Entrenched in the representative’s inbox, it can take hours and sometimes days before it is read. In the meantime, the prospective customer has gone on to the next business, hoping for, and possibly getting, a faster response.

LeadActivate eliminates the wait time by creating a system that utilizes “text-to-speech” technology. Once submitted, the information is instantly translated and relayed to the sales representative via telephone. Whether received in a call center, a land line or even a cell phone, the sales representative gets all the details and can connect to the lead within seconds.

LeadActivate allows the company to customize the information that is announced. Once a form is sent, the representative has all the information needed to answer questions, render the service and close the sale. This makes lead conversion an simpler and more efficient process Customers of companies currently using this technology appreciate the fast assistance it offers, especially those who have emergency or time-sensitive situations. According to the scheduling department of a national plumbing company, “Customers will say ‘That was quick’ or ‘Wow, you guys are fast.’ Some are still on the website, when the technician calls them back.”

Companies that rely on a constant flow of leads use LeadActivate to keep their sales teams active and able to take immediate action, reducing inefficiencies and improving employee productivity. To see if responding to your leads in less than 20 seconds would be appropriate for your business try the LeadActivate Demo at http://www.leadactivate.com/demo. Those interested in trying LeadActivate can create their own free account at http://www.leadactivate.com.

About LeadActivate

Every day, companies  lose millions of dollars in new business because they cannot respond quickly enough to new leads. LeadActivate provides text-to-voice technology, making it possible for businesses to connect with prospects in a matter of seconds - and convert leads into paid customers. LeadActivate provides a complete web solution for lead response, including advanced call routing, customizable business logic, call recording, real-time reporting, and a host of other features.


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