Cestari Kitchen Announces The Addition Of Purple Chalk Pens To Their Product Line

May 15, 2015
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Cestari Kitchen, a company that specializes in kitchen materials and organization tools, has announced a new addition to their product line of chalkboard labels and chalk ink markers with the introduction of purple chalk pens. The Cestari Kitchen chalk pens are now available in three colors: white, green, and now purple, and can be used on a number of surfaces.

The chalk pens can be purchased through the company's Amazon sales outlet found at http://www.amazon.com/Chalk-Pen-Cestari-Erasable-Chalkboard/dp/B00UZQSW72/ The pens can also be obtained as a promotional offer with the purchase of a full set of chalkboard labels. Or, they can be bought for the current cost of $8.99, which is a discounted price, compared to the original price of $12.99.

The use of the Cestari Kitchen chalk pens provides businesses and consumers with the ability to produce a chalk like effect without all of the dust and smudging that comes with the use of actual chalk. Instead, these pens are marketed by the company as being free of dust, mess, and smudge, and are easy to use, especially during application with a chalk label.

One of the top reasons for the purchase of the pens as suggested by Cestari Kitchen is for use at wedding receptions and other events, although the original usage of the product was actually for organization and decor for kitchen storage, crafts, and business supplies. The company has said the following regarding how and where to use the pens:

"Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Markers can write on any surface. These liquid chalk pens can be erased with a damp cloth when used on non-porous materials such as vinyl, chalk board labels, mirrors, glass, metal, and sealed stone."

Cestari Kitchen has made it clear that unlike competitors that may offer similar, but sub-quality products, the purple chalk pens offered by the company can be so dependable that it is offering a 100% lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee. This allows customers to return their purchases at any time throughout the life of the pen or label for a full refund. This guarantee allows for refund or exchange with no questions asked by the company.

The pens can be used again and again, and if utilized in combination with the Cestari Kitchen chalk labels, consumers can simply wipe the labels clean and write on them for different uses or events. The pen clears easily with a damp cloth, and doesn't rub off over time or fade unless wiped clean.

For questions or concerns regarding this press release or for more information on Cestari Kitchen, please use the following contact information:


Company Name: Cestari Kitchen
Contact Name: Susan MacDowell
Phone Number: 1-978-800-1013
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Mailing Address: Cestari Kitchen, 451 King Street, Littleton, MA 01460

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Cestari Kitchen:

Cestari Kitchen provides premiere kitchen products for the home cook. Every Cestari Kitchen tool is backed by a lifetime guarantee.

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Susan MacDowell
Cestari Kitchen
451 King Street
Littleton MA 01460

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