Chalk Pens In Green Color Now Available At Cestari Kitchen

May 25, 2015
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Cestari Kitchen has announced the launch of its green chalk pen. This pen follows after the success of other colored chalk pen markers used in connection with the chalk labels also manufactured and sold by the company. The Cestari Kitchen chalk pens can be used on a multitude of surfaces for a variety of reasons including organization, decoration, and stationary. They have said the following regarding this product and its usage:

"This bright green fine tip liquid chalk marker gives you the look of traditional chalk, but with the ability to make sharper lettering and more detailed designs that won't smudge or smear. Cestari Kitchen chalk pens are made from premium liquid chalk, so there's no risk of dripping or running to spoil your designs."

The green chalk pens have recently been added as a means of allowing more freedom of expression and color coordination with writing surfaces. They can be found for purchase from the Cestari Kitchen Amazon sales channel at Consumers who are interested in learning more about the pens, or who wish to purchase them are encouraged by the company to visit this retail page for photos of the pens in use, pricing, and one click shopping. Currently, the pens are on sale for $7.99, which is a discount on the original price of $9.99.

These green chalk pens are liquid pens, and the company has made it clear that they believe these pens offer precise writing or drawing without the dripping or smearing that are sometimes caused by competitor brands. Company representatives have also pointed out that while they work best on chalkboard labels, they are also visible and appropriate for use on a number of materials. In reference to surface usage Cestari Kitchen has stated:

"Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Markers can write on any surface. These liquid chalk pens can be erased with a damp cloth when used on non-porous materials such as vinyl, chalk board labels, mirrors, glass, metal, and sealed stone."

Currently, the pens are being offered as a free bonus for consumers who purchase a full set of Cestari Kitchen Elegant Pantry Chalkboard Labels, and shoppers who are interested in this deal can fulfill obligations for the duo order through Both the labels and the green chalk pens are supported by a 100% lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee, which provides consumers with the ability to return their products for a full refund of the purchase price at any time throughout the life of the product.

The Amazon sales portal also offers insight on usage and maintenance techniques of the green chalk pens, including how to open, use, and close each product. They suggest that the pens be kept closed to regulate the liquid inside when not in use, and stand by their guarantee question free for customers who encounter problems with the product.

Cestari Kitchen also supplies a number of options and ideas for the uses of the pens and labels on their website and on their Amazon sales outlet. These include use on stationary, wedding invites and seating charts, glasses, tabletops, school projects, office supplies, kitchen organization for jars and containers, and various other applications and items. They are especially promoted for use during parties and administrative duties.

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