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EcoElectronix produces top quality electronics using sustainable manufacturing practices and carbon neutral shipping. We're raising the standards to help change the way electronic products impact our planet.

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March 10, 2019
For those that don’t know what the EX-20 is, it’s a high-powered electric pencil sharpener available on Amazon.com from a company called EcoElectronix. (read more...)
March 04, 2019
When purchasing products online, it can be difficult to get ahold of customer support to answer questions or assist when there is an issue, which can be frustrating for the customer. (read more...)
February 26, 2019
Manual pencil sharpeners take a considerably long amount of time to sharpen pencils, and they require the user to stop what they are doing to use the sharpener. (read more...)
February 25, 2019
EcoElectronix is a fast growing family-owned company that sells high-quality office supplies designed to simplify daily tasks and create better time management. (read more...)
February 13, 2019
With the busy lives of students and teachers, It is no surprise they are often finding themselves with dull or broken pencils in need of sharpening. (read more...)
February 09, 2019
Manual staplers can cause pain and in severe cases, lead to long term damage, this is why so many people have been switching to electric staplers which help make stapling an easy and pain-free experie (read more...)
February 02, 2019
EcoElectroinx is a family owned business that manufactures and sells high-quality home and office supplies at affordable prices on Amazon.com. (read more...)
January 25, 2019
With office jobs on the rise, it is no surprise that workers are turning to electric staplers and pencil sharpeners to assist them during the day. (read more...)
January 18, 2019
Electric pencil sharpeners are not considered a new product, but the features available on some of them are. (read more...)
January 11, 2019
The Small Business Association (SBA) states that 30% of businesses fail during the first two years of being open, 50% during the first five years, and 66% during the first 10. (read more...)
January 08, 2019
Christina Abels of LiveEco is happy to announce their new line of school supplies that are designed for children. (read more...)
January 04, 2019
LiveEco has announced that they have just released their new emoji gift bags onto the Amazon marketplace. (read more...)
March 13, 2019
Electric pencil sharpeners are small products that can impact someone's life, especially those who do a lot of writing or drawing for work and/or school. (read more...)
March 06, 2019
It can be difficult finding useful office products that look stylish and don’t stick out or take up too much room on a desk. (read more...)
February 27, 2019
For drawing, writing, sketching or working with pencils and pencil crayons it is important to have a sharpener that can fit the user's needs. (read more...)
February 25, 2019
Electric staplers are a popular choice among those who staple lots in their day to day life. (read more...)
February 14, 2019
Global warming and the environmental impact humans have had on earth is becoming more known and talked about. (read more...)
February 12, 2019
EcoElectronix is proud to introduce their latest eco-friendly and sustainable products, a line of emoji bags and erasers that are perfect for parties and other celebrations. According to EcoElectroni (read more...)
February 07, 2019
Positive reviews and feedback have been flowing nonstop for a small Amazon based company that specializes in providing advanced and compact office and desk supplies. (read more...)
January 30, 2019
EcoElectronix is an Amazon based company that specializes in providing affordable, high-quality office supplies for both personal and workplace use. (read more...)
January 23, 2019
With office jobs on the rise, it is no surprise that workers are turning to electric staplers and pencil sharpeners to assist them during the day. (read more...)
January 15, 2019
While coloring is not a new activity in children, it is still relevantly new in adults. (read more...)
January 08, 2019
EcoElectronix is a popular, family-owned company that provides high-quality and affordable Office supplies. (read more...)
January 05, 2019
EcoElectronix, the manufacturer of quality home and office supplies, has introduced the EX-20 all ages electric pencil sharpener. (read more...)
January 03, 2019
EcoElectronix, a company that is focused on offering products that are eco-friendly and sustainable, has introduced the EX-20 electric pencil sharpener available for the New Year. (read more...)