Offer Mastery Live 2024 Elevates Its Speaker Roster with the Addition of Alison Etinoff

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New York, New York -

Offer Mastery Live, the much-anticipated annual event that has consistently set the bar for transformative business and marketing strategies, is thrilled to announce the addition of Alison Etinoff to its lineup of esteemed speakers. The event is scheduled to take place from May 21st to 23rd, 2024, at the prestigious JW Marriott Water Street in downtown Tampa.

Hosted by Myron Golden, a renowned figure in business growth and strategic marketing, Offer Mastery Live 2024 aims to equip entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts with cutting-edge tools and insights necessary for substantial success in today’s competitive marketplace. This year’s event promises an enhanced experience at the new venue, JW Marriott Water Street, known for its modern luxury and sophisticated ambiance, providing the perfect setting for networking, learning, and business development.

Offer Mastery Live Alison Etinoff

Alison Etinoff, the latest addition to the speaker lineup, brings a unique blend of financial acumen and heartfelt entrepreneurship to the Offer Mastery stage. Known as a practical wealth coach and a "God-made millionaire," Etinoff combines her passion for financial education with her deep-rooted faith to empower attendees towards achieving financial freedom. Her approach not only covers the nuts and bolts of financial growth but also emphasizes building wealth with a purpose. As a devoted mom and entrepreneur, her journey resonates with many who aspire to balance personal fulfillment with professional achievements.

"We are excited to welcome Alison Etinoff to Offer Mastery Live 2024. Her expertise and unique perspective on wealth and entrepreneurship are integral to the core mission of our event," said Myron Golden. "We teach what is actually working in our businesses. This event is designed to undo the years of misinformation and misconceptions you’ve been fed and replace them with actionable, proven strategies that pave the way for your success."

Attendees of Offer Mastery Live 2024 can look forward to a series of in-depth sessions focusing on the most effective strategies in marketing and business growth. Alison Etinoff’s sessions will specifically target those looking to integrate solid financial strategies with ethical business practices, ensuring long-term success and legacy building.

The event promises to cover a broad range of topics crucial for today’s entrepreneurs, including but not limited to advanced sales techniques, digital marketing trends, customer relationship building, and strategic business scaling.

The speakers at the year's event include:

Myron Golden, the host of Offer Mastery Live, is a distinguished speaker and trainer in sales, marketing, and financial literacy. With over 27 years of experience, his dynamic approach transforms conventional wisdom in business into practical growth strategies.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist and author of the influential book "10X Is Easier Than 2X," is known for his profound impact on human performance. His teachings inspire individuals and organizations to realize exponential growth.

Dr. Sonja Stribling, a renowned speaker, author, and TV personality, is known for her dynamic approach to empowerment and success. She has transformed lives and businesses globally, encouraging individuals to unlock their potential and embrace transformative change.

Daniel Priestley, a visionary entrepreneur and international speaker, is celebrated for his insights into entrepreneurship and business strategy. His work empowers professionals worldwide, offering new perspectives and bold strategies for success.

The Salesgirls, co-CEOs of their namesake company, specialize in empowering women in sales. They provide transformative strategies and insights, fostering confidence and driving success among women in the business world.

Annie Grace is the acclaimed author of "This Naked Mind" and "The Alcohol Experiment." Her revolutionary approach to overcoming addiction has transformed many lives, providing insights that empower individuals to reclaim control and initiate personal growth.

Rick Williams shares his deep expertise in wealth building and leveraging opportunities, guiding aspiring entrepreneurs and investors towards financial independence and success.

Nat C. Jones is a renowned author and the founder of The Community Life Improvement Center, Inc. His work in community building and leadership inspires and equips individuals for positive change.

Kristen “KB” Newton, founder of HEART Convos and All Things Creative Event Company, enhances communication and fosters meaningful connections, making her a pivotal figure in event planning and relational workshops.

Nika Maples, known as "The Author’s Coach," is dedicated to empowering authors. Through her coaching, she helps writers find their unique voice and bring their impactful stories to light.

Tickets for Offer Mastery Live 2024 are already available and selling fast. For more information on Offer Mastery Live 2024 and to reserve a spot, please visit

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