Offer Mastery Live 2024 Elevates Its Roster with the Addition of Dr. Sonja Stribling

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New York, New York -

Offer Mastery Live 2024, taking place from May 21st to 23rd at the JW Marriott Water Street in downtown Tampa, is set to be a landmark event in the world of entrepreneurship and personal development. This year, the event proudly announces the addition of Dr. Sonja Stribling, a renowned life and business strategist, to its lineup of distinguished speakers. Dr. Stribling joins a cadre of industry leaders and visionaries, each bringing their unique insights and experiences to the stage. Myron Golden, the event's founder, encapsulates the essence of the conference with his belief that "at 'Offer Mastery Live,' we understand that the heart of every business challenge is an 'offer' problem." He invites attendees to "join us for a journey where you'll discover how just one well-crafted offer can revolutionize your entire business landscape."

Myron Golden, the visionary behind Offer Mastery Live, is a speaker and trainer with over 27 years of experience in sales, marketing, and financial literacy. As a best-selling author, songwriter, and record label owner, Golden's multifaceted career reflects his diverse talents and deep understanding of the business world. His insights into wealth generation and business growth strategies have made him a respected figure among entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their financial and professional lives.

Offer Mastery Live - Dr. Sonja Stribling

Dr. Benjamin Hardy, an organizational psychologist and author of eight books, including the impactful "10X Is Easier Than 2X," is known for his expertise in enhancing human performance. Dr. Hardy's innovative strategies and transformative mindset inspire individuals and organizations to achieve exponential growth, making him a pivotal addition to the speaker lineup at Offer Mastery Live 2024.

Dr. Sonja Stribling, a powerhouse in life and business coaching, is a renowned speaker, author, and TV personality whose dynamic approach to empowerment and success has transformed lives and businesses worldwide. Her message of resilience and leadership has made her a sought-after figure in motivational speaking and personal development, inspiring audiences to unlock their true potential and embrace their power to create meaningful change.

Daniel Priestley, a visionary entrepreneur, best-selling author, and international speaker, is known for his innovative insights into entrepreneurship, business strategy, and leadership. Priestley's ability to identify emerging trends and empower others has made a significant impact globally, inspiring business professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs to think differently and act boldly.

Alison Etinoff, a practical wealth coach and "God-made millionaire," combines her passion for financial education with her deep-rooted faith to guide individuals towards financial freedom. Her focus on practical strategies and a heart-centered approach makes her a relatable and inspiring figure for those navigating the path to financial success with integrity and grace.

The Salesgirls, co-CEOs of their namesake company, are dedicated to empowering women with sales mastery. Their mission to elevate women in the business world by equipping them with the skills needed to excel in sales fosters confidence and drives success, making their contribution to Offer Mastery Live 2024 invaluable.

Annie Grace, acclaimed author of "This Naked Mind" and "The Alcohol Experiment," is renowned for her revolutionary approach to overcoming addiction and breaking free from limiting habits. Her transformative insights empower individuals to reclaim control of their lives and embark on a journey of self-discovery and liberation.

Rick Williams, a distinguished mogul in the entrepreneurial and financial realms, shares his expertise in wealth building and opportunity leveraging. His guidance inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and investors towards achieving financial independence and maximizing market opportunities.

Nat C. Jones, an accomplished author and master facilitator, is the visionary founder of The Community Life Improvement Center, Inc. His dedication to empowering individuals and communities through innovative strategies and leadership principles equips people with the tools necessary for positive change and impactful leadership.

Kristen “KB” Newton, founder of HEART Convos and owner of All Things Creative Event Company, excels in fostering meaningful connections and enhancing communication. Her innovative approach to dialogue and event planning has made her a go-to expert for creating impactful and memorable experiences.

Nika Maples, known as “The Author’s Coach,” is a writer and speaker dedicated to empowering authors. Through her coaching, Maples guides writers to discover their unique voice and bring their stories to light, making her an invaluable resource for anyone looking to make a meaningful impact through their words.

As the event approaches, the excitement and anticipation continue to build. With the addition of Dr. Sonja Stribling and the stellar lineup of speakers, Offer Mastery Live 2024 is poised to set a new standard for conferences in the entrepreneurial and personal development space. Attendees can look forward to an event that will not only challenge their thinking but also empower them to take action and achieve unprecedented success in their businesses and lives.

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