Announcing the Offer Mastery Live Event with Myron Golden June 14th, 2023

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New York, New York -

Dr. Myron Golden announces registration for the first “Offer Mastery Live” event is now open for entrepreneurs and innovators who want to chart a path to financial freedom. This three-day conference runs June 14th to 16th in Tampa, Florida, for business professionals looking to learn from top experts how to boost product or service-based businesses into seven- and eight-figure incomes.

Event host and featured speaker Dr. Myron Golden is a multi-millionaire, serial entrepreneur, author, and coach whose success is hard-earned. During the “Offer Mastery Live,” he will share the stage with a selective team of experts in digital marketing technology, affiliate marketing, financial management, leadership coaching, public speaking, and more. This is a rare and exciting opportunity to hear from Golden and others about how they have built highly profitable enterprises.

Offer Mastery Live 2023 - Myron Golden

Everything Golden has learned in his twenty-plus years of launching and running businesses will be available for attendees to take in and apply. Condensed into three exciting and informative days, entrepreneurs can discover digital tools, get help strategizing, and have opportunities to network with potential new partners. In addition, Myron and the presenters will share their expertise and experience in managing a business from start to success. Topics include the best digital tools, pitfalls to avoid, the psychology of success, financial management, and how to brace yourself to take suitable risks. Golden is known for being radically generous in sharing what he knows, and his team is of like mind—committed to sharing their knowledge and supporting other entrepreneurs.

The Offer Mastery team includes Russell Brunson, a well-known author, entrepreneur, and co-founder of ClickFunnels, a brilliant affiliate marketing software tool; Dr. Delatorro L. Macneal II, a world-class consultant on Peak Performance at Fortune 500 companies, and Dan Henry, founder of and author of the book “Digital Millionaire Secrets.” A complete list of presenters can be found on the website for the event.

Golden is the first to admit that marketing is not magic and that managing a business into profitability is challenging. However, he says many entrepreneurs are surprised to learn that the first step is mindset. “Anyone can achieve financial freedom and build a legacy of wealth for friends, family, and their community,” he says. “But, you first have to believe that you can.”

His approach is unique in that, as a coach, he unapologetically uses biblical truths to lay the foundation for this principle. According to Golden, scripture underpins and inspires ideas about poverty vs. financial success. “Poverty isn’t God’s plan, he says. “Our beliefs about money and God are often deeply rooted in things we learned growing up that aren’t true.” He says anyone willing to cultivate God-given talents and master skills that others need can earn financial freedom and help others.

While this is the first three-day intensive Golden Enterprises has ever done live and in-person, one entrepreneur who has seen Myron speak says attendees of the upcoming event had best “buckle up and be ready for a wild ride.” Tim McGarvey, founder and owner of Clinical Marketing Group (CMG), a digital marketing agency in New York City, warns that “in just three days, everything can change–your mindset, your belief system, and the goals you have set for yourself.” Having joined Golden’s “Make More Offers” challenge online, McGarvey says he attended an event where Myron spoke in 2020, which was electrifying. “Not because he’s full of hype, but because every few seconds, he presents a new concept or idea that I could see myself applying in a way that would benefit my business.” Once the concepts he learned at the event were applied, McGarvey found his client list growing, and his offers better reflected the value of his agency’s services. And he’s hearing yes far more often.

The “OFFER Mastery Live” aims to teach entrepreneurs the importance of crafting the right offer, messaging well, and pitching to the right people—and raising more often. This approach of Golden’s has led to tremendous growth for countless businesses. “It’s common for owners to concentrate on branding, developing the perfect product or service, developing the best website,” he says. “They are missing the most important aspect of generating big profits–making offers clients want to buy into.” He says that making offers that “stick” is the only way to push through the noise in the marketplace and build a sustainable, profitable business.

Also joining Myron, Brunson, Macneal II, and Henry are Nehemiah Davis, Tasha McCray, Eileen Wilder, Carter Cofield, Marvin Mitchell, and Karwanna Dyson. “Offer Mastery Live” is June 14th through 16th in Tampa. To register visit: This is a first-time event with limited seats, so waiting to register is not recommended.

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