Conveyancer In Melbourne, LEAD Conveyancing Upgrades Their Website

April 22, 2023
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Melbourne, Victoria -

LEAD Conveyancing has upgraded its website, adding new features and a new look to the Melbourne-based website. With the new website, LEAD Conveyancing plans to focus more on helping customers and making conveyancing easier than ever. LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne has taken its services to the digital world, with very little post and no paper. Everything else is done by phone, computer, or email.

“There’s no need to take time off work for your conveyance; sign your documents on the go using e-signing technology,” explains Trinh Thai, Legal Director and Founder of LEAD Conveyancing. “We don't need face-to-face physical meetings, you can choose online video conferences instead from your phone, tablet or computer. There is no need to visit our offices. We can assist you wherever you are located as we service anywhere in Queensland, NSW, and Victoria.”

Conveyancing Solicitor in Melbourne

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne offers the legal assistance needed for transferring the ownership of a property from one party to another. They offer help with buying existing or off-the-plan residential property, selling existing residential property, property transfers between related parties, stand-alone contract review, and stand-alone contract drafting.

The updated website offers many new features, including a property conveyancing fee calculator. This calculator helps potential customers understand what legal costs could look like in 30 seconds. This calculator can estimate the cost of buying, selling, or transferring a home or property.

A conveyancing fee includes legal fees, which have to do with the cost of labour and a lawyer’s time, standard fees, including fees payable to third parties for standard searches, and other costs, including settlement agent fees and bank fees.

LEAD Conveyancer provides knowledgeable conveyancer lawyers. A conveyancer explains unfamiliar terms and jargon, and more importantly, provides legal advice to their clients. The buying or selling process can be grizzly and LEAD Conveyances explains and leads each customer through the process, step by step. On top of that, they offer practical and cost-effective outcomes at a guaranteed fixed fee.

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne has been in business for several years and built its mission on being people focused and committed to doing the right thing, even in the face of overwhelming realities. Their values are centred on leadership, evolution, authenticity, and determination: Leadership: LEAD Conveyancing is there to help and guide first-time home buyers and sellers. They are ready to help people change their lives as they make big steps in living and evolving. Evolution: The conveyancing company understands that buying and selling property means taking a big step in life. They are there for the evolution of their customers’ lives and don’t take these big moves lightly. Authenticity: LEAD Conveyancing has won the “BEST Customer Service in Conveyancing" Award in both 2022 and 2023. They take pride in being authentic, genuine and true when working with customers. Determination: LEAD Conveyancing works with people with determination. They understand that it takes grit and perseverance to buy and sell a home or property, and they are there for every step.

“Buying a house is hard, especially when it’s your first house,” says a LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne customer. “It's a very complicated process, however, LEAD Conveyancing made it really easy and straightforward. They answered my phone calls and emails very quickly and were always happy to answer my questions. I have recommended them to many of my family members and they are really happy with LEAD Conveyancing’s services.”

LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne offers fixed fees, which means there are no hidden charges. Customers on a budget don’t need to worry about hidden costs or any surprise fees. They also offer additional extra services, when needed, and follow a strict “No work, No pay” policy.

The company also understands what it means to be busy. Besides the new, updated website with technology to work with conveyancers remotely, LEAD Conveyancing also offers night-time and weekend contract reviews. Those interested can speak with the lawyers at LEAD Conveyancing to set appointments at times that best meet their needs.

Readers can get in touch with LEAD Conveyancing Brisbane at (03) 8657 4328 to get started with its range of property conveyancing services in Australia. Property owners and buyers planning on completing a real estate transaction soon are also urged to visit its YouTube page to find out more about the complete process.

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Our LEAD Conveyancing Melbourne office offers a residential property conveyance service in the Melbourne and the Greater Melbourne region for a fixed priced.

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