New STEVENS Engineers & Constructors Blog Discusses the Important Role a Millwright Plays in Proper Equipment Installation

March 24, 2023
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Middleburg Heights, Ohio -

STEVENS Engineers & Constructors is a Middleburg Heights, OH-based company that has industrial engineering and construction roots going back 75 years. The company is very knowledgeable regarding its specialties, including industrial construction,and renewable energy construction, site work and excavation, pre-engineered metal building construction, and pipe fabricating and installation. Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS Engineers & Constructors, also mentioned, "Businesses should not overlook our company's high quality and popular millwright specialties."

This task is essential when it comes to properly installing machinery in mills, factories, power plants, construction sites, and more. It's such an important job to get right; the company even created an article titled 'What Are the Steps for Equipment Installation?'.


This new STEVENS Engineers & Constructors post starts by saying that the company knows how important proper equipment installation is to performance and efficiency in industrial settings and at businesses that rely on precision equipment. Their millwrights' goal is to install machinery in a manner where it works correctly and operates safely. This newly posted article also stated that the company details everything from site evaluation and planning to heavy equipment assembly and commissioning to ensure a smooth and successful equipment installation process.

The article then described millwrights as tradespersons that are highly skilled in installing, dismantling, repairing, reassembling, moving, and maintaining industrial equipment. Millwrights are typically used during production outages or scheduled shutdowns, but sometimes, they can also be done on an emergency basis if machinery repairs are needed.

According to this article, millwrights need to be proficient in the use of overhead cranes, pulleys, rollers, and trucks to move pieces of heavy machinery or entire units. Among the pieces of equipment that millwrights are often called upon to assemble, repair, and maintain are industrial-sized rotors, turbines, motors, bearings, gears, and processing equipment such as extruders and steel mill furnaces.

The article went on to clarify the steps that the company takes to do proper machinery and industrial equipment installation. A process that always starts with careful planning and preparation. This first stage of equipment installation includes site evaluation, assessment of equipment needs, and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals.

This is followed up by ordering or manufacturing the necessary equipment and then unloading it upon arrival. Millwrights handle this phase to make sure that the equipment is not damaged during this process. Once the equipment has been offloaded and moved, it is then assembled.

The article also stated that no equipment assembly phase is ever considered complete until the equipment has been tested. Any issues will also be identified and resolved during the machinery testing phase. Millwrights will ensure that newly installed equipment's electrical, mechanical, and pneumatic systems function properly and the equipment is aligned and calibrated. The newly posted article ended by proclaiming that once all these steps have taken place, then the equipment is commissioned for use.

Anderson added, "STEVENS millwrights provide comprehensive services to our clients in various industries like manufacturing, steel mills, construction, and more. Our clients choose us because they have come to rely on the experience, commitment, and quality of work that our millwrights bring to the equipment setting and installation process. We make sure that our millwrights possess the knowledge, skills, and expertise to ensure that equipment is installed, commissioned, and maintained correctly to minimize downtime and ensure equipment functions properly for years to come."

She says those companies that want more information on their millwright services and other job specialties that the company offers can call them or refer to the STEVENS Engineering & Constructors website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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STEVENS Engineers and Constructors provides complete industrial construction services from our office in Middleburg Heights, Oh near Cleveland. We offer high-quality design, build, and management services to industrial customers across the United States.

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