Toronto Functional Medicine Centre Provides IV Therapy With Lysine In Toronto

April 13, 2023
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Toronto, Ontario -

The Ontario based clinic Toronto Functional Medicine Centre (TFMC) is providing IV therapy with lysine to their community. The clinic uses an integrative functional medicine approach combining acupuncture, integrative functional medicine, IV therapy, naturopathic medicine, detoxification, and bio-identical hormone treatments, and more to help patients optimize health.

As TFMC explains, lysine is an amino acid that is vital to the human body’s functionality. In concert with other amino acids, lysine assists in making proteins and immune cells as well as in constructing hormones and collagens. When it is combined with other amino acids and healthy lifestyle changes (i.e., exercise), lysine may have beneficial effects on muscle health, cardiovascular health, and more in the human body.

IV Therapy with Lysine in Toronto

The Toronto Functional Medicine Centre offers personalized IV therapy services that include lysine supplements, in addition to therapeutic doses of essential nutrients, such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid), vitamin E, glutamic acid, glutathione, Myers cocktail, and other beneficial ingredients (such as potassium and more). These lysine IV therapy sessions, which are supervised and administered by the Centre’s team of health practitioners, may be quite beneficial to those who are seeking to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Toronto Functional Medicine Centre explains why people might want to consider IV therapy with lysine in Toronto for optimal health; it has properties that may potentially help in reducing anxiety and may even reduce blood pressure levels. Combined with arginine — another amino acid — lysine has been shown to lessen anxious thoughts in people with low dietary intake. In a study on Japanese adults, the supplementation may have helped reduce anxiety and lowered cortisol levels after it was consumed for seven days. A study conducted in Ghana demonstrated that replenishing the amino acid may reduce blood pressure levels.

Lyine may also promote wound healing, as amino acids are vital building blocks that support human skin and bones. This is linked to lysine’s potential ability to maintain muscle health and aid in athletic recovery. A lack of lysine has been linked to slowing down protein synthesis. This is concerning for any process of recovery, especially after a heavy physical performance, because the human body requires protein to restore muscle. Finally, lysine may even be able to prevent or protect from cold sores. Cold sores are caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV), and research has established that these amino acid supplements might prevent HSV from reproducing; which may in turn reinforce immunity and lessen the effects of a cold sore.

Anyone interested in pursuing IV therapy with lysine should note that the Toronto Functional Medical Centre recommends a consultation with a health care provider. Health care providers may discuss the following treatments if patients are in need of a lysine supplement: dietary changes, oral supplements, or adjunct intravenous therapy support (IV therapy/IV nutrient therapy). A wide range of foods naturally contain a higher lysine to arginine ratio, so patients may be advised to consume certain cheeses, fish, chicken, beans, lamb, beef, and/or mung bean sprouts. While oral supplements can be quite convenient as well, it may lead to some people experiencing negative side effects, such as stomach cramping.

TFMC embraces integrative medicine, and their team practices a combination of therapies to cater to acute and chronic health conditions (i.e. chronic fatigue, mental health, joint pain, etc.). Functional medicine treatments consider each and every patient’s individual biology, lifestyle, and environmental surroundings to address their chief health concerns and promote symptom relief. A combination of therapies may be discussed for a patient’s treatment plan.

Those who want to learn more about Toronto Functional Medicine Centre and their other services — such as IV therapy with potassium in Toronto — are welcome to visit the wellness centre's website. They encourage interested parties to get in touch directly via email at or phone at (416) 968-6961.

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