Ahwatukee General Contractor Brings Trust Back To Home Remodeling

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Chandler, AZ based Phoenix Home Remodeling - Bathroom & Kitchen Remodels is introducing local homeowners to a new, stress-free method of remodeling known as Design-Build. The contractor aims to make it much easier for homeowners to update their properties without running into the pitfalls the industry is currently notorious for.

Those who have worked with so-called remodeling experts in the past may have much to say about the standard of customer service that accompanied the project, to say nothing of the quality of the ultimate result. Phoenix Home Remodeling points out that it is common for clients to start a project with great excitement only to find that they have to compromise on their vision virtually every step of the way. This may be due to a variety of factors, from early miscommunication between client and contractor to delays and mistakes causing the estimated cost to skyrocket.

Ahwatukee general contractor

Given the scale of such projects, a homeowner may have to add several thousands of dollars to their budget before it is complete — and the final result may not even be close to what they had in mind. Unfortunately, many will not have the funds left to try again, and others will prefer to give up because the hassle is simply not worth it. This is where Phoenix Home Remodeling hopes to make a difference.

The idea behind Design-Build is simple, yet powerful. In essence, the team seeks to prove themselves to the client well before construction of any kind begins, and they achieve this by working on the project’s requirements with the client’s input at every stage. This includes taking the client’s choices into account on design items, reviewing 3D design renderings together and much more. Phoenix Home Remodeling will carefully map out the entire remodel, taking care to include costs for each of its aspects. Then, and only then, will the homeowner decide whether they wish to continue with the company.

“When you make the choice to invest so much into your home,” states the Ahwatukee general contractor, “you deserve the assurance that your contractor knows what they are doing and can take care of any challenges that could negatively affect the result you are looking for. The issue is that this is rarely the case, and so-called unexpected challenges and additional costs have become so commonplace in the industry that some go so far as to add a margin of error to their budget to account for this. In some cases, a homeowner may find that this margin is also not enough. Phoenix Home Remodeling, however, offers you our unique design-first philosophy so you will never have to wonder what your remodel will actually cost or look like again.”

The company explains that this idea is not new to the industry, but contractors typically prefer to avoid it because they lose money on the initial package. Further, the homeowner has to rely on the contractor’s assessment of their own capabilities (or a referral from a trusted source, if they are fortunate), when deciding to start the project. Some may take advantage of this by offering deliberately low cost estimates with the expectation that the homeowner will be forced to agree to additional charges down the line when it is too late to back out.

One of the biggest issues with this system is the fact that even a reputable or reliable contractor may not be enough. A home improvement project is often a matter of taste, and while a contractor can make recommendations, the client always has the final word. Unfortunately, since most homeowners will not be able to accurately visualize the final result, the image they have in mind may not look as good when installed — even if the contractor does nothing wrong. Phoenix Home Remodeling aims to overcome all of these issues and put the power of informed choice back in the hands of the homeowner with Design-Build.

Phoenix Home Remodeling aims to build trust with all their clients before construction proceeds, and all are welcome to take advantage of the company’s unique model today. Homeowners are welcome to contact the company by phone or email to get started. Alternatively, they may reach out to Phoenix Home Remodeling via social media.

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