Apex Pest Control Offers Pest Control Services in Leeds UK

September 28, 2022
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Apex Pest Control Leeds, a company based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England, is pleased to announce that they are offering pest control services in Leeds and neighbouring villages. They are capable of providing control for insects, rodents, bed bugs, birds, and other organisms that share the habitat with people. The pest control service they offer is done by chemical means, exclusion, or physical removal. They can also apply various kinds of biological control approaches, such as sterilization programs.

One of their primary services is rat control because rats can be dangerous as they can pose risks to people’s health and their belongings. Aside from rats, they also provide pest control services for rodents in general, which can divided into three major suborders. The suborder Myomorpha is composed of mouse-like rodents and includes lemmings, voles, hamsters, gerbils, dormice, muskrats, and jerboas. The suborder Sciuromorpha is made up of chipmunks, marmots, squirrels, prairie dogs, gophers, woodchucks, kangaroo rats, beavers, and pocket mice. And the suborder Hystricomorpha includes nutria, porcupine, capybara, mara, agouti, cavy, chinchilla, and a number of other species.

Another problem they can help with is bed bug infestation. Tony Johnson, founder of Apex Pest Control - Leeds, explains, “Once you’ve identified the indicators of a bed bug infestation, our knowledgeable bed bug exterminators offer you the finest bed bug removal. Bed bug infestations are notoriously tough to get rid of with over-the-counter products because they may go a year without feeding. Bed bug treatment by Apex Pest Control involves applying a suitable and long-lasting residual insecticide to all surfaces and likely areas using a flat fan and crack and crevice sprayer to all bedrooms. This is followed by Ultra Low Volume (ULV) space spray for a quick knockdown effect. In this way, we approach the treatment with a long-term residue and a rapid bedbug control technique.”

They can also help with the control of various kinds of insects, such as wasps. While there are many species of wasps, the social Vespidae family are the ones that need to be controlled. The Vespidae wasps are quite large and have long bodies that are banded in yellow and black or yellow and brown. Wasp nests are often found in roof spaces, wall cavities, garden sheds, bird boxes, or garages. They recommend that people avoid dealing with wasps themselves because this can be dangerous. Unlike honeybees, wasps can be very aggressive and they often rely on their large numbers when defending their territory, attacking people and stinging in unison.

Another important service provided by Apex Pest Control is bird and pigeon pest control. This is important because bird droppings may be contaminated and may pose risks for the health of people in the home. The first part of the bird control service provided is to get rid of the bird problem. And the second part is to proof the home from birds and to clear the pigeon droppings to ensure the property is safe. Possible pigeon control solutions that can be provided by Apex Pest Control include: low-pressure post and spring wire systems; stainless steel spikes; electrical bird deterrent systems; bird netting; trapping; and shooting. Bird proofing large areas of a property may be done by providing bird netting to the the front of a building. The bird mesh may be provided in various colours to ensure it doesn’t negatively affect the aesthetics of the building.

Founded in 2016 by Tony Johnson, Apex Pest Control Leeds is a family operated business offering pest control services across the City of Leeds, UK. Tony Johnson’s qualifications include more than 30 years of personal experience, with training from The British Pest Control Association and The Royal Society of Health. The company is a member of the National Pest Control Association, British Mole Catchers Register and The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. The company has domestic homeowner clients, commercial business clients, and agricultural and forestry clients.

Those who would like to learn more about the pest control services provided by Apex Pest Control Leeds can visit their website, call them on the phone, or contact them through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Apex Pest Control - Leeds offers professional help with all pest control management to businesses and homeowners. Tony Johnson head pest technician owns apex at Apex Pest Control in Leeds.

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