CDMG Metal Buildings Offers Pre-Engineered Metal Building Kits in Ohio

September 27, 2021
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CDMG Metal Buildings, a company based in Canonsburg, PA, is happy to announce that they are offering their pre-engineered metal building kits in Ohio. These metal building kits offer an unlimited number of ways to customize a prefab metal building, such as: dimensions, siding options, color schemes, additional add-on components, and many more. The personal choices and preferences will transform a “standard base kit” into a particular one-of-a-kind commercial building, industrial building, warehouse, distribution center, aircraft hangar, athletic complex, or any other kind of pre-engineered building that is needed. More about these metal building kits in Ohio can be learned by visiting

They want to emphasize that the prefabricated metal buildings provided by CDMG offer several advantages. These include: durability; an aesthetically pleasing structure design; cost-effective design; customizability; quick and efficient design and erection process due to building information modeling (BIM) software that simplifies construction; energy-efficient buildings; environmentally friendly metal buildings because the American steel used is provided by Nucor and 90 percent of their material is recycled steel; use of overhead cranes that can easily be constructed on-site to provide the capability to lift or move heavy materials and objects; and versatility because it is easy to remove end pieces and add any required pieces for expansion purposes in the future.


With the use of BIM software, which is a three-dimensional modeling software, for the various design stage of the pre-engineered metal buildings project, several advantages can be obtained. BIM software allows a virtual replication of what the completed structure would look like by considering general geometry, spatial relationships, and geographical influences to ensure that the metal building has sufficient room and support for appropriate function. With BIM software, it is possible to conduct a virtual tour of the building and discover any potential hazards even before the construction has started.

CDMG has partnered with Nucor Building Systems because of the high-quality, American-made steel they provide, which is made from 90 percent recycled steel and is therefore environmentally friendly. With metal buildings using Nucor steel, CDMG is able to provide clients with safe and sustainable metal buildings that are compliant with the Earth-first green movement concept.

By choosing CDMG, customers will enjoy various benefits. These include: a massive digital advantage provided by the BIM software; the services of a customizable metal buildings industry leader with years of experience; complete service, from development to erection; a long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective pre-engineered metal building at relatively low prices; and the use of American-made and environmentally friendly materials from Nucor.

CDMG offers pre-engineered metal buildings for various industry sectors. These include: agriculture, recreational sports facilities, aircraft hangars, crane buildings, food and beverage industry, industrial buildings, manufacturing, medical industry, metals industry, mining industry, server farms, shipbuilding, textiles, transportation, warehouses, government buildings, waste water treatment facilities, automotive manufacturing facilities, and any industry, such as steel mills or agriculture, that requires durable, high-quality steel building kits designed to comply with industry-specific standards.

These are pre-engineered metal building kits that have been customized using BIM software or 3D modeling software to develop a virtual model of what the completed metal building will look like once it has been completed. This is to make sure that the optimum solution for the metal building is provided for the customer. Their design processes were developed to ensure that the metal building kit is compliant with all local code and industry requirements and will be designed to optimize the space and functionality based on business requirements.

Founded in 1991, CDMG is one of the leading engineering companies in the US, serving various customers and industrial markets. They have a team of experienced project management professionals and multi-discipline engineers. They are focused on supplying the resources required to design and manage projects to ensure efficient operations. Their goal is to always deliver projects within budget, on time, and to the highest level of quality.

Those who are interested in learning more about the metal building kits from CDMG Metal Buildings, including insulated metal building kits, can check out their website, or contact them through telephone or via email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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