Pre-engineered Metal Building Company, STEVENS, Shares Tips on Metal Building Maintenance

February 09, 2021
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STEVENS prefabricated steel building company in Ohio is a leading name in the metal building industry. The Ohio-based metal building kits contractor explains the need for maintenance and regular upkeep to prevent the deterioration and ensure the pre-engineered steel building's longevity. “Compared to other material structures, steel offers the easiest and least challenging option for your building,” with ease of maintenance making prefab metal buildings a popular choice for businesses, STEVENS states.

The top prefab building contractor in Ohio urges the need to do a thorough check to ensure there is nothing left touching the exterior, including steel panels, tools, and ladders. It is equally important to “put everything away so there's no unnecessary weight that will strain the building or harm its surface.” Metal shavings left behind after drilling can lead to rust on the roof.

STEVENS Prefabricated steel buildings are easily maintained

STEVENS Engineers and Constructors suggests washing the pre-engineered metal building at least once a year. Washing helps remove dirt, soot, or organic matter that has accumulated on the surfaces and keep “fungus or other undesirable microbes from growing,” says Vicki Anderson, CEO of STEVENS. A mild laundry detergent does the job of washing the pre-engineered steel building well, adds the Middleburg Heights metal building kit supplier.

However, they suggest testing the cleaning solution to ensure it's compatible with the building's surface materials. Another important aspect of steel building maintenance is to check the insulation of the pre-engineered building and ensure there is no evidence of damage or exposure. Even moisture can do extreme damage.

The Ohio steel building company explains how fissures can ruin a building and become a welcome sight for birds and rodents, stressing the need for identifying gaps or the presence of nests to stop holes from occurring before they happen. “The holes pests can make can lead to unwanted outside air presence,” the prefabricated metal building experts state.

There is a risk of water contamination if the insulation comes in constant contact with air, which could further cause problems in the structural integrity of the building and result in mold and rust. Besides, the top steel building contractor in Ohio warns, “This often leads to great energy expenditure to heat and cool your prefabricated metal building, which leads to higher electrical bills.”

Emphasizing the need to regularly clean downspouts and gutters, STEVENS states that these are critical components of the moisture protection system. Clogged gutters pose a risk of corrosion to the adjacent building components.

“Removing debris is as simple as squirting it with a hose and directing the debris along the gutters and into the downspouts. Bigger debris should be removed by hand while wearing protective gloves and safety goggles,” Vicki states.

As a leader in metal building construction in Ohio, STEVENS Engineers and Constructors stresses the regular upkeep of metal buildings so they can withstand the ravages of time and weather.

“Performing preventative maintenance reduces your year-to-year costs by addressing issues as they arise.”

The STEVENS website gives a more in-depth insight into the functioning of the top Ohio metal building kit supplier and how it can contribute to constructing and maintaining a pre-engineered metal building. Contact the pre-engineered steel building company via their website for more information about their pre-engineered metal building capabilities.

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