CDMG Metal Buildings, An Engineering Company In Pennsylvania, Advocates For Pre-engineered Steel Buildings As A Good Investment

November 04, 2020
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Canonsburg, Pennsylvania -

CDMG metal buildings, an engineering company in Pennsylvania and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the STEVENS family of companies, has advocated for pre-engineered steel buildings as a good investment. The arguments that they make in support of the claim are that metal buildings are easy to maintain, steel is an energy-efficient material, steel buildings are completely customizable, metal buildings can accommodate a variety of industries, they can increase property value, attract tenants, and steel buildings provide maximum interior flexibility.

According to the company, steel is universally considered an ageless material as it holds its looks and function over time with little maintenance. Unlike other traditional building materials such as wood, steel won't rot or decay from exposure. This means that owners won't need to replace and will have minimal repairs after years of regular use. Steel structures are also resistant to mold or mildew, unlike many of its counterparts. These pre-engineered metal buildings also won't attract critters like termites, eliminating a major source behind costly repairs. Steel buildings can also stand strong against severe weather, reducing the potential for storm damage and repairs.

steel buildings give you the interior flexibility you need

Another benefit that the company touts is that steel is energy efficient. Integrated ventilation systems and double-layered insulation can help save on energy costs. Steel roof coatings can also contain unique cooling pigments that reflect the sun's heat and, in turn, reduce the energy needed to run the air conditioning. Many metal roofing systems qualify for EnergyStar tax credits, which will increase savings on the owner’s energy and insurance bills from day one. Steel is also 100% recyclable, making it a very green product to use.

Steel buildings can also be customized to a large extent. Doors and windows, overhead doors, skylights and wall lights, gutters and downspouts, canopies, mezzanines, insulation packages, vents, and steel exterior and interiors panels can all be customized to meet the owner’s needs. Metal building exteriors can be finished with sturdy steel panels and brick, stucco, stone, concrete, wood, or any other standard building material.

CDMG says that steel can be used to build restaurants, churches, schools, and industrial manufacturing facilities, which is a testament to its wide variety of uses in different industries. Prefabricated metal buildings can also be erected in a fraction of the time it would take using other materials, reducing the time it takes to start a business.

The company also claims steel can add to a property’s value by adding features to it. It cites the example of a detached, metal building like a steel garage. The company says many real estate investors believe that adding a two-car garage will almost double the return on investment. Like with any other metal building, owners can complete their garage with stucco, block, or glass to complement the home or business's appearance.

CDMG also says that steel buildings do a good job attracting quality renters to the right location, usually at a higher return than other real estate investments. According to CDMG, investors often find steel building tenants will sign more extended contracts than other building rentals. They say that most new tenants need to make floor plan changes to fit their operation, but the open floor plans of steel buildings make remodeling simple for each new renter.

Finally, they say that steel buildings are erected without any load-bearing walls inside, which means that there's practically no limit to the flexibility that owners have with their floor plans. Spaces can be repurposed according to the business's needs, like a kitchen for a restaurant or a gym.


Established in 1991, CDMG claims to be one of the nation’s foremost engineering companies serving industrial markets and customers. Its head office is located in Southpointe, 20 miles south of Pittsburgh. They feature a staff of experienced multi-discipline engineers and project management professionals. They can be contacted at their phone number at (724) 330-4799.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About CDMG Metal Buildings:

From our Southpointe office in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania (20 miles south of Pittsburgh), CDMG serves the engineering and project/construction management needs of customers nationwide.

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