LocalBusinessWatch.Sites Launches Website On Google Sites

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Local Business Watch is pleased to announce that their website is now live on the Google Sites platform. They invite the community to explore the website at the following link: http://localbusinesswatch.site.

Local Business Watch provides a platform that experiments with the capabilities of Google Sites. They bring together all sorts of local businesses from across the US, and they seek to highlight local businesses by focusing on the news about their brands as well as giving them a wider reach from the best channels.

Most business owners commit the mistake of unintentionally making their brand seem more boring than they actually are. This is particularly unhelpful as this negates customer curiosity, which is one of the best emotional pulls that a business can utilize to make sure that their branding stays fresh in the minds of local audiences. One way to evoke curiosity is to highlight and promote important news about the business, and Google Sites is a powerful platform for doing so.

When asked about the potential of Google Sites, Jesse Thornton of Local Business Watch says, “We feel the Google Sites platform has been a very underrated publishing tool for local businesses that wrestle with using their content. We intend to showcase its functionality in this project and promote local businesses with the platform's technical advantages.”

An example of what Local Business Watch does is highlighting news related to X1 Plumbing, an Austin based marketing consultation agency for plumbers. An article on the Local Business Watch’s platform talks about the launch of X1 Plumbing’s new website, which is itself an innovative platform that allows plumbers to make full use of all the social media channels in their local communities. It discusses how customers looking for plumbers do not need to worry about the quality of the service they will receive from the listings on the X1 Plumbing website.

Another Austin business that Local Business Watch is currently highlighting is a marketing agency. An article by the marketing agency, (published on the Local Business Watch website) takes a look at a blog post shared by the business regarding the Wordpress 5.5 update, which was known to conflict with some plugins. The article also highlights how their blog post explains how the conflict can be easily fixed. It then illustrates how the company is a digital marketing and local search agency that does their best to build strong knowledge regarding technical issues. It also sheds lights on the local search engine optimization services that the agency offers.

Local Business Watch also promotes local businesses in Chicago. One of the businesses that they are currently promoting is a plumbing service provider. Local Business Watch recently published articles to promote the company by emphasizing news that show how the plumber has refocused their shop around a new drain cleaning technology. The articles also explained that the new drain cleaning technology utilized by the plumbing company is superior to the technology that their competition uses. By promoting their business with Local Business Watch on Google Sites (via new videos and content), they saw their sales soar.

A feedback loop on the plumbing company’s new drain cleaning technology and their plumbing services had thus been created. Their 5-Star rated services are now being validated even further by new reviews from their satisfied customers. This sends great positive signals to the public and helps boost their business. They have been placed in a great position in which the reviews of their service and their new technology have become news. This helps them avoid the problem of looking like a boring business and allows them to stir the local public’s curiosity. Similarly, Local Business Watch is also pleased to share that they received their 450th positive review for their own services.

Furthermore, Local Business Watch also promotes local businesses from Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Lombard, Glen Ellyn and Dallas. Local business owners can sign up to have their businesses promoted on Local Business Watch by filling in an online form. The form allows Local Business Watch to measure how successful the local businesses’ news can be in reaching their local audience. It also allows Local Business Watch to audit the tools that the businesses already have.

More information regarding this process can be found on Local Business Watch’s new website. Additionally, those who wish to learn more about the sign-up process are welcome to reach out to Jesse Thornton for further details.

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