What is Press Advantage?

Press Advantage is a Full-Service Press Release distribution service .

We have known about the power of press releases for years, but we realized that many businesses don't have the internal know-how to write a press release. We created Press Advantage because businesses shouldn't have to know how to write a press release. We'll do that for you so you can get your news out there!

Where are my press releases distributed?

Lots of places!  Our Distribution Page shows all the outlets that receive our distributions.  That page also includes a list of guaranteed pickup domains.

Are there any SEO benefits to Press Advantage?

Absolutely! When you distribute a press release on Press Advantage, you'll receive links from many high-authority news sites all over the Internet. These links signal to the search engines that your content is popular.

Our Distribution page has a list of the exact domains where we have guaranteed pickups and their PageRanks.

Are your writers any good? How do I know?

We have a USA-based, world-class writing team.  They're great at writing your release in such a way that news organizations will want to pick it up.  You can view some examples of their work on this page.

Do I have to use your writing services?

No! If you prefer to write your own Press Releases, we're happy to distribute them for you. A word of warning though-- if you write them yourself, be SURE that they'll pass muster with the PR wire. If the release gets rejected, we'll have to send it back to you for a rewrite.

How will I know which news outlets picked up my release?

We provide a comprehensive distribution report to you as soon as the release is sent out to the newswires.  We also send this to you via email.  As additional pickups come out over time, we send you additional emails detailing the new pickups.

How do I use your scheduling feature?

After opening your account, you simply log in and input orders for as many press releases as you'd like.  We'll drip them out over time, according to the number of releases included in your plan.

Can I include links in my press release? How many?

Yes!  We allow you to use up to three anchor-texted links in your press release.  

We recommend that you don't use all 3 for SEO keywords though, because that can make your release look spammy.  We recommend 1 brand link, 1 naked link (URL only), and 1 keyword link per release.

Can a subscription be shared between multiple businesses?

Absolutely! Many of our best customers are local marketing agencies that split our large accounts between their various clients. Alternatively, a single business can use multiple releases per month, each focusing on different industries, niches, keywords, or products. It's up to you!

If I'm on the 1 Press Release per month plan, can I pay extra to have a 2nd (or more) Press Release in a given month?

Absolutely!  You may view the exact costs for a-la-carte services for your particular account by logging in and going to the Account tab.

Can I upgrade just a single release to Yahoo! Finance distribution?

Yep.  You may add Yahoo! Finance distribution to any release up to 7 days after it's been distributed via the control panel.  The cost depends on which plan you are on, check your Dashboard for pricing.

What can I use unlimited Press Release accounts for?

You can use your unlimited Press Releases for anything related to your business. You can't resell them and you can't use them for businesses that you don't own or work for. This includes using them for link building for third parties, promoting third party websites, and so on.

If you own more than one company, you can absolutely use the unlimited account for any of them, or all of them.

We will contact you if we believe that you are misusing an unlimited account, and we may cancel service or convert you to a standard rate account at our discretion.

If you want a larger or custom Press Release package for reselling, drop us a line and we will be happy to come up with a proposal.

I have another question!

Our support desk is open 7 days a week, so just contact us.