K2 Commercial Finance Announces No Income Verification Commercial Loan Program

May 15, 2014

New Britain, PA – While banks serve an important role in our business economy, they are not designed to help small business owners or the vast majority of commercial property investors. Conventional commercial lenders have stringent underwriting guidelines that cause most small balance commercial loan requests to be declined.

K2 Commercial Finance is a specialty lender with programs specifically designed to provide fast, dependable financing for small commercial property transactions when either the property or the borrower do not qualify for conventional bank financing.

The K2 Low Documentation Loan Program is available nationwide to enable business owners to purchase or refinance income generating properties. “Our underwriting process does not require income verification and can accommodate borrowers with low credit, tax issues and virtually any property type,” said Ken Kaplan, president.

The K2 Low Documentation Loan Program offers fixed rate financing for 25 years, so business owners don’t need to face the uncertainty and costs of balloon payments every three, five or seven years. The company also offers a Bridge Loan Program to address shorter term borrowing needs.

There are no up-front costs or fees charged to borrowers and loan commitments are frequently issued within one week from application. Loan closings should take less than 30 days.

Loan proceeds can be used for working capital, property renovations, resolving tax issues, debt consolidation and virtually any other business purpose. The streamlined application process is designed to deliver quick, accurate loan decisions and be as painless as possible for borrowers.

Since 2001, K2 Commercial Finance has created a niche serving commercial borrowers with financing needs between $50,000 and $500,000. “Our job is to deliver the cash business owners need to complete a meaningful project or goal. As a small company working with low balance loan requests, our personal contact with clients provides a very different experience than working with conventional banks,” says Kaplan.

Prospective borrowers are encouraged to download their free report, “Get the Loan, Skip the Hassle” available at http://www.FastCommercialMortgages.com. The report delivers tips, pointers and information to help prospective borrowers improve their chances for commercial mortgage success. The company also offers fast reviews of loan scenarios and borrowing requests with no cost or commitment. 

About K2 Commercial Finance

K2 Commercial Finance works with small business and commercial property owners who need financing to purchase or refinance commercial real estate. SBA loans can also be used for business acquisitions. Since 2001 the company has helped clients secure over $60 million. The company is a direct lender on loans of up to $500,000 and works with SBA Preferred Lenders to secure government guaranteed loans of up to $5 million. The company is only paid upon successful loan closings with no up-front fees being charged.

Contact: Ken Kaplan, President
215-230-1885 or ken@k2cfinance.com
13 Goldeneye Court
New Britain, PA 18901

Please visit the company’s website at: http://FastCommercialMortgages.com

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]